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Monthly Archives: September 2011

My first blog. Awwwww, isn’t that cute?

Why blog?  Why now? 

I’ve asked myself these questions and you might be wondering too.  I’ve wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember.  An avid reader from the age of four, I love stories of all kinds, the more fanciful the better.  I love the written word and expressing myself and my thoughts.  Sometimes, I feel more comfortable writing down what I’m thinking and feeling far more than through a conversation.  I have time to read, edit and revise, so I’m saying exactly what I truly want to say.

In the last few years, I turned a story that I wrote in the fourth grade into a feature-length screenplay.  Although I still enjoy film and books, I find they aren’t currently what I’m interested in writing.  Story is no longer the driving force of my writing.  I’m swimming around in the world of ideas and concepts now.

Next question for you would logically be, what is this blog going be about and why the hell should I read it?

There are a variety of subjects that I love to explore in depth.  What I want to write about is any new developments in those areas as well as what I love about them.  This will be the initial intention of this blog with the caveat that like me, it will be fluid and subject to change at any time.  I’m not interested in writing about myself except in relation to my topics, i.e., how the ideas and concepts have influenced me, anything that appeals to me or sometimes annoys me in relation to them and what I see is the impact they have on everyone in general.

If you have something to share with me about the subject at hand, something I missed or may not know about it or what you love or don’t like about it, then I want to hear about that in the comments.  The real appeal of blogging versus writing articles and stories is the immediate feedback loop that can be created and the conversational nature of the internet.  I love to learn but I’m not putting myself up as the expert in any area that I write about.  I have a wide but sometimes shallow range of knowledge and this looks like a fun place to add to that pool.

A promise to my readers – I will be candid, sometimes humorous and on occasion off-color when the mood strikes me.  You are free to be the same in the comments but I will delete any comments that are overtly and intentionally offensive, especially if directed at other commenters.  If people want to get into arguments about nonsense, please find somewhere else to do it.  The World Wide Web is just that, world wide, and you can find plenty of places to troll.  I’m all for passionate points of view and heated debates.  Those will not only be tolerated but most likely enjoyed.  I’m sure I will join in from time to time.

It feels like I’m heading off on a new adventure with this blog so what better way to end this first post than with, Bon Voyage!