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You are not the target audience

I used to get so up in arms over every new shitty film’s existence.  “Why, dear God, did anyone waste money to create (fill in the blank)?”  I’ve spent more emotional energy being annoyed with yet another lame reality TV show than I care to admit.  God forbid some lame pseudo-celebrity who hasn’t even lived a life yet writes an autobiography (I can almost feel the bile in my throat, now). But then somehow, through the din of all that ire, like a knife slicing through hot butter, came the incisive and absolutely indisputable truth – You are not the target audience.

I wanted to argue with this thought at first.  These things were undeniably bad.  They just shouldn’t be.  They are part of the dumbing down of people everywhere.  But, but, but…

But my arguments were pointless.  It was still true; I am not the target audience.  I am not the target audience for remakes of some of my childhood loves.  They are aimed at the new crop of kids.  I am not the target audience for reality TV.  I see through the façade and fake posturing; therefore, I’m neither entertained by nor interested in what happens to any of those people.  I have no interest in most sports programs or TV shows about people who have lost the ability to clean their freakin’ houses.  I am not the target audience.

You know, it’s almost spiritual in its simplicity.  Religion – I am not the target audience.  I cannot be bowed by an outside authority when I know all the answers lie within.  Politics – I am not the target audience.  I can see the game is rigged and not in my favor.  Materialism – I am not the target audience.  I can find joy in free stuff as much as stuff that requires a great deal of wealth to possess.  I’m sure I can go on, but I’ll bet you’ve already gotten the point.

Boy, did that cause nothing but peace for me.  I didn’t even have to have opinions about things anymore.  What difference would it make?  I am not the target audience.  If you really want to know peace – give up your opinions, your judgments and your beliefs.  Just let shit be, because if you haven’t figured it out yet, your upset doesn’t change the fact that something exists.

Someone once told me that to be upset about anything is to be in an argument with Reality.  You can’t say “it shouldn’t be” because if it IS that means, hell yes, it SHOULD be.  Your argument is moot.  The only thing for you to do is to decide if you wish to partake or not.  Just because you don’t want it to happen doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.  And if it is happening, rather than just being pissed off about its very existence, make a choice to participate or disengage.  But do it from a place of peace – No thank you.  I will not go and see that movie.

Go in the direction of what you want rather than just running away from what you don’t want.  Your dollar, your participation and attention, that’s your vote.  That’s your voice.  Use it wisely because the consequence of squandering it will be Die Hard 5 – oh yeah, that’s already in the works.  Haha



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  1. Bucky’s quote, in a more modern form:

    “I reject your reality and substitute my own.” -Adam Savage

  2. I am reminded of the Tau of Kung Fu. These two brief clips from Kung Fu aptly demonstrate your point of view.


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