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I have never been the one to know who the latest and greatest is when it comes to music.  I missed most of the new wave/alternative music in the 80s and have only heard of lesser known musicians through friends’ recommendations.  I read up on practically every new film that’s in the works, so rarely do I get scooped on that subject but music is an entirely different animal.

My parents listened to country music when I was a kid but I never liked it.  There will be a song or a particular singer I might like but as a genre, I avoid it for the most part.  It just doesn’t speak to me.  So it has been up to my peers to shape my tastes in music.  In high school, a small group of friends I spent the most time with turned me on to classic rock.  I consider Pink Floyd, The Doors and Queen to be among my favorite bands.  In college, I added reggae to the mix and even had friends who were in a reggae band.  I still have the CD they made.  My favorite music channel to listen to while I clean is old school R&B.  The smooth sounds of Otis Redding, Sam Cooke and Al Green put me in a real Zen place.

Well, today I get to be the one to give the scoop on who I think will be the next big thing and if he isn’t, it’s not because he isn’t the most amazing musician I’ve come across in years.

I was at a party in August just hanging out with some people, smoking a little herb, when someone in the room put this video on the computer:

I stared transfixed at the monitor.  This was pure genius.  Then she played this one next:

Aaaahhhhh.  What is this brilliance?  I found a piece of paper and wrote down the name, Gotye.  A day or two later, I looked it up again on youtube.  I just wanted to see if it was the weed making this great or if it was unequivocally the best thing I’d heard in years.  Bingo!  Just as good as the first time.

I watched a lot of the other videos that were up and then did a little research on Gotye.  From the bio on his site,

Who are you?
Gotye (pronounced “gore-ti-yeah”). Music-making mutant.

Real name?
Wally (born Wouter) De Backer

Anyway, About Me. Erm…Okay. Information!- 31, Belgium, music. And stuff (FYI, he was born in Brussels but currently resides in Australia)

That’s enough.  You can look the rest up yourself.  That’s what Google is for.  What I will tell you is that he is an amazing performer and a genuinely nice guy.  I even have the pictures to prove it.

The place was packed so he’s at least popular with the hipster crowd in Silverlake.  It’s time the rest of you catch on.  He only played LA and NY this time around but he’ll be back next year.  And you won’t want to miss him if he comes to a city near you.

I just want to finish by saying, you heard it here first.  Gotye is better than sliced bread, or a more timely reference, an iPhone 4s (I can make this claim because I don’t actually have one, haha).

And last but not least, my new favorite “Get Happy” song.  Oooh, I think that may be an upcoming blog topic.  You’ll have to check back later to see.


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  1. I love the second video, Hearts a Mess. This is so great and has hints of Nightmare Before Christmas.

  2. Absolutely awesome, Marie. Thanks for sharing. Brilliant mind. Wonderful self-expression. TMI.


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