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Daily Archives: February 17, 2012

Reality Check

I thought we settled this shit in the 70’s but the far right wing peeps in the Republican party seem to think they have a better idea.  Let’s attack birth control while forgetting that it is the greatest invention in human history.

There is no growth or advancement in countries where women do not control their reproductive rights.  Find one advanced nation that has outlawed birth control or abortion and I’ll show you a country in fast decline.

All of your arguments are invalid.  I am not subject to your moral or religious beliefs in a country that was specifically designed to have Freedom of Religion (and freedom from religion).

I beg the sane people to step up and do something before this nonsense gets out of hand.  I know that if anything gets passed in the House or Senate, President Obama will veto it.  He’s the one who started this whole argument with his proposal to make sure birth control is available to all women without payment.   The nerve!

In the meantime, this entire debate is all smoke and mirrors and a complete waste of time.  Are you fucking kidding me?  Handing out free birth control to women will do nothing but make this country stronger.  When people can actually plan when they will have children (if ever), they have more control over their lives and how they want to live them.

This is further evidence that the Republican party is deep down hoping to return us to the days of the robber barons where there are a few rich people, a helluva lot of poor people and very little in between.

I don’t know if they are doing this at the behest of their supporters in the pharmaceutical and insurance rackets or just for idealogical reasons.  Regardless, it’s a stupid game that they are destined to lose.  Only the most radical of individuals would see this as some kind of bad thing.  If more women had free and easy access to birth control, I guarantee the abortion numbers would drop drastically.

The morning after pill is a real lifesaver too.  I’ve had the condom break so I was doing the right thing but sometimes a back up is necessary.

It’s my body, it’s my life and as long as I do no harm to others, I should damn well get to decide what I do with it.  And until a fetus (that’s what it is) is viable outside of a woman’s body, it’s not a person.  End of story.

War is murder too but I don’t see many of the people who call themselves pro-life out protesting that too.  Once you’ve been born, you’re not their problem any more.

Spring is Coming (sorry Game of Thrones) and that means it’s time to occupy some shit.