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I Can Say I Was There

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So this year, Disneyland in Anaheim, California (as well as Disney World in Orlando, Florida) decided to do something special for Leap Day.  For the past couple of months, they promoted this “One More Day” campaign and on Wednesday, February 29th, they kept the park open for an entire 24 hours – 6am to 6am (March 1st).








I had made plans to go on Leap Day with my guy last year, before this particular specialness was announced, so I took the day off and we arrived at around 11am.  It was a normal weekday in winter and we were able to just walk on many rides for several hours.  Then around five or six o’clock, it began.

People started pouring into the park.  We exited the park for something in Downtown Disney and when we wanted to re-enter the park around 7:30pm, the line for that was about half an hour long.  It just kept growing and they stopped letting people in around 9pm.  I doubt the people in charge had any idea what to expect.

This was taken around 9:45pm. It looked like this for hours.

Thanks to a couple of fast-passes (front of the line type passes) secured earlier in the day, we were able to ride a couple of the good rides relatively quickly.  But from then on out, the lines were longer than I could bear and I was getting tired.  The ridiculous thing of the night was that I waited almost an hour for a cup of coffee.  What could I do?  I needed the caffeine jolt and everything else had a line too.

I did ride the carousel around midnight since that didn't have much of a line.

I got a season pass specifically to go when attendance is lower so I can enjoy myself without the long wait times.  I doubt I would ever go through that again but it was fun to be witness to the insanity.  Luckily, most attendees were in a jovial mood and that’s probably the only thing that kept the night from getting completely out of hand.

Goofy and Pluto around 2am in their PJ's taking pictures with the guests.

We stayed until about 2am since I had work to go to later that day.  There were still lots of people waiting to get in and even still arriving.

Everyone has a great “I was there story” and now I have mine.


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