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Happy 420 Day!

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For those of you who don’t know what 420 means, it’s a reference to marijuana.  Oh my.

It’s April 20, 2012 and marijuana is still essentially illegal in the United States.  Why?

My personal opinion, garnered from much observation into the way our political-socioeconomic system operates, is that marijuana remains illegal because it would compete and probably win over customers from many other industries that fight to keep it illegal — pharmaceutical, chemical and privatized prisons, are the most obvious.

These groups spend millions lobbying to keep it illegal.  And that’s because they stand to make billions as long as it remains illegal.

Look at it this way, if marijuana was a better and safer (and probably cheaper) pain killer than what the pharmaceutical companies produced, which would you choose?

If we legalized marijuana consumption and growing, how many people would that let out of prison?  The number of people in prison for victimless, drug-related crimes is staggering.

And the idea that the government has made a plant illegal that has been grown and consumed by the human species for at least 12,000 years is absolutely ridiculous.  Are we gonna make peanuts illegal because more people are developing life threatening allergies to them?  Peanuts have killed far more people than marijuana!

If you’re having that knee-jerk reaction you always have about drugs, stop and think.  Why do you have that reaction?  Who trained you to?  The “Just Say No” campaign of your childhood, perhaps?  Have you actually done any research into the pros and cons of marijuana?

I am an adult and I should be able to choose what to do with my life.  If what I choose to do harms someone else, then the government may need to step in and protect others.  However, if there is no harm done to anyone else, then it’s my personal responsibility to determine what is in my best interest.

It’s my responsibility to choose to eat well even though the crappy food is more readily available, cheaper, and designed to be tastier and possibly even addictive.  And I’ve had to educate myself about the harm it can do to my health.  I have to choose to consume it responsibly.  Same goes for alcohol or cigarettes.  Why is marijuana not in the same category as these things???

If you are serious about wanting to reduce the size of government and to generate more funds for programs without raising taxes, Legalize it!  There is no simpler and better answer.

Enjoy your 420 today!


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