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I just finished making a costume for the SoCal Renaissance Faire to wear tomorrow.  Although, I’ve been attending Ren Faires since high school, this is the first time ever that I’m going in costume.

I recently reignited my love of sewing, and I’ve been on a roll for the last few years making costumes for Halloween and other events.  I really like playing dress up.  Guess that makes me a burgeoning cosplayer.

The sewing started back up in 2010 when I was invited to be a part of a group costume.  I had to throw something together in about a week.  I tried thrift stores but could find nothing that looked right, so that’s when I had to resort to making it myself.

Here we are as the group, Jem and the Holograms!

From there, I made a dress in the theme of Logan’s Run for a birthday party.

I’ve been sewing since junior high.  I even made my own prom dress.

People ask me how I learned to do it and the story is simple and kind of funny.  I asked my mother, who was a great seamstress, to make me some clothes for my Barbies.  She said, “There’s some fabric, there’s the sewing machine.  Make them yourself.”

That was basically my parents’ parenting style—figure it out for yourself.  There have been times that I’ve resented them and times when I’ve envied people with more involved parents.  But in the last few years, I’ve come to see I got exactly the parents I never knew I always wanted.  I got parents who believed that I could do anything I wanted to do and they just got out of my way and let me do it.

I couldn’t be more grateful for the Mom and the Dad that I have.  They were perfectly imperfect and I get to be who I am because they were who they were.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there who did the best job that they could with the knowledge and resources they had.  Mine loves me very much and that’s all I ever needed.

I love you, mom!


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