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I am powerless when confronted with the cuteness of baby animals.  I could sit and watch videos about baby sloths or hedgehogs all day long.  What is it that makes us so attracted to babies in general?

While I joke that I have no biological clock, and it’s not highly likely that I’ll reproduce, I do love to look at and play with babies.  I could never ignore a child if I became responsible for its care.  It’s some kind of biological imperative that cannot be ignored.

I’m not as cynical as I try and lead people to believe.  Here are some pictures and videos of babies of all kinds.  Have a full-on cutegasm with me.  Squeeeeeee!!!

You’re welcome.

Little bitty. Awwww!

Or if you need a daily fix, you can always go to

You may ended up wondering where the day went if you’re not careful.  🙂


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