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A little over a year ago, a couple of friends decided they wanted to watch all of the James Bond films in one giant binge-like marathon.  That weekend, something special and incredibly fun was born.

In addition to watching the films, a camera with a live stream was set up for those who couldn’t attend and another camera took intermittent photos so that a time-lapse video could be created of the events.

Movies are a shared experience.  We spent the whole weekend debating which actor made the best Bond, which movies still held up over time and who’s making the next round of martinis.

We went on to watch and rank all of the Star Trek, Batman and Star Wars films throughout all of last year.

This past weekend, we did the fifth marathon which had a unique twist, we incorporated a theatrical film into our movie watching.

After watching all of the Alien and Predator films (as well as the Alien vs. Predator ones), we went to see Prometheus on the big screen.  Who knows what we’ll come up with next.  Whatever it is, I will surely be there.

If you love movies like we do, you most certainly can appreciate what we as a group have created.  If not, you probably think we’re all crazy.  A successful movie marathon requires dedicated hosts and their crazy friends who are willing to sit and watch movies until their backsides are numb.

We are just those people.



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  1. Awesome blog post! I love watching the post-marathon time-lapse videos and ratings.


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