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Vagina Envy

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I’m beginning to suspect that all of those uptight male religious zealots and their puppet politicians have a good old fashioned case of Vagina Envy.  They want one of their own but can’t have it so they insist upon trying to control ours.

Perhaps they are angry that they don’t get to bleed once a month.  Or they might want the worry about possibly conceiving a child every time they have intercourse.  They are obviously jealous that they can’t conceive a child without us.

That’s it!  They hate that they need women to procreate and carry on their genes so they are doing everything they can to get a stranglehold on that ability.

Since they can’t do it, they want to tell us how to do it, when to do it and who to do it with.  If they can’t take away our rights, they will do everything in their power to make it difficult for women to exercise our right to prevent a pregnancy.  Make birth control harder to access and more expensive.  Try and shame us as we do what we think is in our best interest.

You may think that sex is bad and wrong or only for procreation and marriage.  I don’t and you don’t get to tell me who to have sex with or when.  Get used to it.  Those days are OVER!!!!


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