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Life’s a Long Song

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People say that life is too short but I disagree.  I was thinking about events in my life this week, and I was suddenly filled with the sense that I’ve lived several lifetimes already.  My childhood, high school, college, my time in Ohio and now in California.  They each feel like entirely differently lives.

Maybe that comes from my having moved around so much, in both location and employment.  Perhaps for people who have been married and/or in the same career for several decades, it just feels like one long stretch.  I’ve had friends and loves that have come and gone.  I can’t even remember some of my previous addresses.

Another reason may be my active participation in my own growth and development as a person.  I know I’m not the same person I was ten years ago and ten years ago, I was not the same person I was in my teens.  I feel differently about things.  I know more, or I know now that I didn’t know much about what I thought I knew back then.

If you think your life is too short, perhaps you’re doing it wrong.  Slow it down.  Really take in your surroundings and be absolutely present to whatever it is you’re currently doing.  Are you eating?  Savor each bite.  Are you working?  Really take the time to do whatever you’re doing to the best of your abilities.  Are you with friends and family?  Ask them questions and really listen to what they have to say.

If you feel like your life is whizzing by, it’s because you are letting it.  It’s your fault you have no time.  You agreed to give it up for what you’re getting in return.  If that’s the case, why not enjoy what you’re getting?  You asked for it.  You asked for the job, the spouse (or significant other), the kids, the house, etc.  Why aren’t you enjoying them?  Some people don’t have any of that.

If you still think life is too short, go ahead.  I have no interest in trying to convince anyone of anything ever again.  If anyone wants complain to me about anything, I’ll just smile.  If they choose to ask why I’m smiling, I’ll tell them that they are complaining about getting exactly what they wanted.  If you didn’t want life to happen to you, you wouldn’t choose to continue being alive.

Here’s some perspective:

Creature with the shortest lifespan is a mayfly which typically lives for a day.

One of the longest lifespans recorded belongs to a tortoise who lived 250 years.

You fall somewhere in between.

Regardless of how much time you actually get, that will be exactly how long your life will be.  Why waste any of it in a futile argument about not having been given more.


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