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Dystopian Fantasies

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I watched the new Total Recall movie today, and I was really struck by something.  As I see it, there are generally two forms of imagined dystopian futures that literature and film and other forms of entertainment have put forth.

One is the fascist and bleak view that governments and/or corporations will treat the entire planet like some third world dictatorship with a small elite attempting to subjugate and control the rest of the population with unending wars and limited resources.


The other is a complete breakdown of society wherein gangs of armed thugs run rampant over the land taking what they want and killing whoever gets in their way.

Mad Max is in da house

Make no mistake, shit is breaking down.  If you don’t think so, I’d like to know what rock you’ve been living under.

What if there was a third option for life after the shit hits the proverbial fan?  What if, without the constraints and reigns of civilization, people chose en masse to return to a more manageable way of living?  Perhaps something akin to tribal societies or communes/co-ops.

If we don’t end up destroying our ecosystem before our structured way of living begins to breakdown, what if we all just said “fuck it” and let it collapse?  Most people have neither the need nor the desire to have control over other people.  They just want to live their lives.  That’s why the ruling elite have been nicknamed the 1%.  It’s not just about the concentration of wealth.  That’s really how many there are of them.

And yet, they have all the say in how things are run and how stuff is divided up.  If the rest of us could figure out this food, air, water deal, what then would we ever have to fight about?  Not their profit margins, that’s for damn sure.

You don’t fight because it’s in your nature.  You fight because someone has convinced you that it’s your only option.  Someone has created a reality wherein fighting is normal and natural and has always been so.  But if you don’t subscribe to the nonsense that humanity is only a few thousand years old, what were we really like before written history?

Archaeology isn’t the truth or authority on anything.  It’s just a bunch of educated guesses based on minimal evidence and through the eyes of a civilized human being.  They keep revising their opinions about dinosaurs for crying out loud.  You don’t honestly believe they’ve got prehistoric people figured out yet!

I’m always amused by people who think religion or science or any other human system has it all figured out.

The death rattle of our current incarnation of civilization will be a long and protracted one if we continue to cling to this unfair and unsustainable way of living.  Opt out and explore other possibilities while you still have the time.  Those ice caps will eventually quit melting, when they’re all gone, that is.



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