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Too Big NOT to Fail

During the last economic downturn, the phrase “Too Big to Fail” was bandied about regarding many of the banking institutions that were in jeopardy due to problems many of them caused themselves.  If you know anything about how the natural world works, you would know that something that becomes too big and unwieldy will eventually fail; it has to fail.

Nature works diligently to create stasis, also known as balance.  In order to do this, it creates a diversity of interconnected systems that keep all things in harmony working towards mutually beneficial outcomes.

We humans stopped doing that a long time ago and decided that the natural world must bend to our will.  This amusing fallacy will ultimately be our undoing.  Remember, it’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature.

All of our human systems are moving towards monopoly, monoculture and a one world order.  That’s the ultimate recipe for disaster.  Our economic, agricultural, political and social systems are designed for the current climate.  If things take a major turn, they cannot adapt or shift gears quickly enough to compensate for those changes.

The strong and the smart will be surpassed by the mutable and adaptable weaklings.  Maybe that’s the true meaning of “The meek shall inherit the earth.”

Remember the dinosaurs?  They ruled the earth for millions of years but were quickly wiped out.  Perhaps by a meteor or a sudden change in the planet’s climate.  They couldn’t adapt to the changes they had to face and they perished.  And meek little creatures continued on.

I often wish I could view things from a larger vantage point to see what it’s all leading to.  The planet is trying to right its current imbalance, that we have undoubtedly contributed to, and if we don’t start working in unison with that, we will not be here to see what comes next.  We are the dinosaurs now, but hopefully we’re a little smarter and can adapt and survive.  Otherwise in a few million years, something else will be digging up our bones.

Humanity is not too important to fail.  We’re just another variation on a theme – infinite diversity.  That’s what the universe is all about.

And perhaps we’re supposed to fail.  If there’s no reason to adapt or evolve, then why should we?  I can’t help but root for the bigger picture, even if I’m not going to be in it.


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