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Life Goes On

Tomorrow, we vote for the POTUS as well as many other positions in Congress.  Locally, we’ll vote on propositions and bills and what not.  And then we’ll get the results.

And life will continue on.

I’m not saying that the outcome isn’t important.  I’m saying the world is not going to end if your guy doesn’t win.  Some things may get easier or harder for you and yours but things will continue on their merry way.

If your guy doesn’t win, please don’t do anything that might cause harm to anyone (including yourself).  One of the great things about The United States is that even when we get divided on some issues, we are generally civil.  We may yell and scream, but we rarely see our representatives throwing punches at each other.  We save that for our sports.

If your guy loses and you fear things will change in a way you don’t like, well that’s your cue to become more politically active.  Pester those people with phone calls and correspondence so they know what you want and need.  The political process isn’t just something that happens once every four years.

I am a huge proponent of Proposition 37 in California.  I want processed foods to be labeled if they contain GMO ingredients (genetically modified organisms).  The opposition (e.g., the creators and sellers of said GMO’s) is pouring lots of money and sometimes even faulty information into defeating this proposition.

I suspect that enough people might have been confused or mislead or they just don’t think it’s that big of a deal and this proposition may fail.  That doesn’t mean I’ll just forget about the whole thing.

What there is for me to do after that is to exercise my vote with my wallet and stop purchasing products made by the opponents of this measure (and that information is readily available) or to purchase more organic products and those labeled as containing no GMOs.  I will also continue to communicate with my representatives so that this is not forgotten about.

If the GOP regains control and begins to threaten my reproductive rights, then a march on Washington will be in order.  We will not let things go down without a fight.  If the Democrats remain in power, those of you who feel that they are being fiscally irresponsible should do the same.  That is your right, nay, your obligation as a citizen of this country.

This cannot be a government “of the people, by the people and for the people” if the people aren’t actually involved.  Then it’s just the government of those who continue to do whatever they like unopposed.


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