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Who’s to say?

So if beauty is in the eye of the beholder, what about the beholden?  This is something that has been on my mind.

I am incredibly lucky to have someone in my life who tells me on a near-daily basis (and often upon waking) that he thinks I’m beautiful.  I want to believe him, but years of conditioning have me unable to fully embrace that concept.  I know he thinks I’m beautiful, but if it’s up for debate, am I truly beautiful?

Isn’t it fucked up that I even have that thought?  How did it get like this and can we ever do anything about it?

I know the reason why people have been put into the beautiful/not beautiful camps but you might think it’s crazy.  It’s to sell products.  It can’t be that simple!  What if it is?

What if the only reason society even perpetuates any standards (which are often unreasonable and highly unobtainable) for beauty and desirability is to sell more shit, shit we don’t need if we think we’re beautiful to begin with?  Stick with me here.

Every time you see an ad for shampoo, soap, perfume, make-up, diet products, clothes, cars, etc. look at it through a new filter.  Look at it through the filter of “there is something wrong with me and this product will fix that”.  That’s what advertising is, that’s what it does to sell you shit you probably don’t really want or need.  They create the need.  You suck and we can help with that.

I’ve spent years cleaning up the crap in my head but being told I’m beautiful at the exact time I weigh the most I ever have is bumping up against what’s still left in the cracks and corners.  I didn’t put that shit there, but I’m the one stuck with it.  I imagine most people have some of the same nonsense up in their mental attics too.

Perhaps we’re all due for a good mental spring cleaning.  A good high powered hose should do the trick.  And then, since nature (and our brains) seems to abhor a vacuum, you have to restock the shelves with something that’s worth having in your head.

Here’s a great place to start.

You are what You love, not what loves You.  You are what You think You are and not what others think of You.  You are the final authority in Your life.   ‘Nuff said.

I’m not just beautiful, I’m Dyno-mite!


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