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So much information, so little focus

The internet, for me, is like one of those giant discount stores.  So much to look at that I’m left overwhelmed in a very short while.  I cannot shop at places like Marshall’s or Goodwill any longer because I lack the patience or desire to sift through so much crap to get at the few potential treasures at a great bargain.

I’ve spent a lifetime filling my head with random knowledge that sometimes I feel like an intellectual hoarder trapped under piles of useless crap with no way of getting free of it.  Sometimes I actually amaze myself by what’s in there.  I remember watching Jeopardy! a few years ago.  The category was “Russian Rulers”.  I got four out of five right, and I’ve never really spent much time on Russian history.

There’s this one odd thing on my bucket list that I doubt anyone would really understand.  It is to take a vow of silence for at least a week (longer would be better).  I know it sounds strange to go completely without words and the vow would include both the spoken and written word. Can you even imagine it?

I can and that’s why it appeals to me.

How would life be without words to categorize and explain everything?  Would my brain at some point stop doing that if it were no longer getting any further input of words?  What would my experience of the world be like without the constant running commentary?  This is something I wish to be a witness to in my lifetime.

One of the things that might happen without words is you become more aware of the here and now.  You aren’t telling stories about what happened nor are you creating images of what you want to have happen in the future, so all you’re left with is what’s right in front of your face.

For the time being, I can take smaller breaks from words until the time comes when I can take the plunge.  And just like movement and exercise, these little breaks can be accumulative towards the expansion of my overall awareness.



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