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Don’t make me be an asshole!

“Don’t make me be an asshole!”

This little bon mot came out of my friend’s mouth during a conversation we were having.  We were musing about how we are generally good people, kind and compassionate, generous and thoughtful.  But if you do something incredibly stupid anywhere near us, woe be to you.

I’m quite self aware, fully in charge of who I’m being at any given moment, but there are things that make me lose my shit for several seconds at a time.  Someone driving really badly in front of me is one of those things.  Seriously, I feel like my mantra in life has become “Get the fuck out of my way!”

One of the craziest things I do in my irrational moments is get really close to someone and then fly around them – basically I buzz their tower.

I’m hoping they will realize they almost caused an accident (by going way too slow or stopping for no discernible reason) but I have no idea what my impact is on them.  And it’s not really my job in life to teach them a lesson.

That’s where I think a lot of asshole behavior comes from.  Thinking it’s our responsibility to teach other assholes how to behave properly but then we end up being the asshole ourselves.

I let people not paying attention, bump into me when I can easily avoid them, just so I can give them that indignant stare.  How very dare you?

This is a universal trait and it’s probably why humans have such a strong (almost pathological) need to exert control over the behavior of others.  Sometimes it’s in direct connection to how that behavior is affecting others which is understandable.  It’s not OK to injure or kill others or take their shit.  That’s just not cool, man.  Traffic flows better when we all agree to drive in a set manner.

But you cross the line when you try to tell people how to live their lives when what they’re doing has no real effect on you, except that it upsets your sensibilities.  Your religion is not my fucking problem.  I don’t have to adhere to its rules.  I didn’t agree to them.  If you don’t like the way I look, well I’m not here to decorate your world.  Not my fucking job.  Not anybody else’s job either.



So when you find yourself getting the urge to teach someone a lesson you think they should learn or to stop them from doing something you don’t like (and they aren’t hurting anyone by doing it),  shut the fuck up and go about your day.  I’ll try and do the same.  Then we can eliminate at least 50% of the assholes we encounter on a daily basis.



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