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One Month Down, Eleven To Go

We all get caught up in the counting of time.  Thank God it’s Friday, right?  Sometimes I can’t help but wonder what life would be like if we didn’t do this.  What was it like for early man just doing his thing with only the sun going up and down to note the passing of time.


I quit wearing a watch some years back.  Firstly, I hated the tan line it caused but mainly because I didn’t always want to know what time it is.  If I need to know, there is usually a clock somewhere (my phone if all else fails).  I haven’t felt any sense of loss without the watch and I doubt I’ll ever go back to wearing one.  Time is a tool, and just like money, we’ve become slaves to it.

There is no time in the universe.  There is no entity measuring it and we just made up seconds, minutes, hours and so forth.  We just made it all up.  There weren’t really 24 hours in the day until we said there were.  Think about it.  We are responsible for our own enslavement.  Every tool of society that was probably created with the best of intentions (time, money, division of labor, property, etc.) has now become the source of most people’s greatest anxieties and stressors.

Obviously, I’m not calling for a complete dismantling of society.  What would that get us?  We progressed for our own benefit, but we do need to stop and evaluate things from time to time to make sure we are still truly benefiting.

If you catch yourself fretting over not having enough time or that time is passing too quickly, perhaps you might want to ask yourself why?  Because whether you realize it or not, spending time in upset over not having enough time is a huge waste of time.  Oh, the irony.


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  1. Brilliantly stated, Marie!

    I too sort of have given up on my watch, wearing more for fashion than as a timepiece. It’s also a gift from my dad, so it carries special meaning to me in that way as well.

    But it’s fascinating to me how much importance we put on time in this day and age. Certainly time has always existed, but our human predilection toward measuring it, for purposes both scientific (in observing the universe) to personal to business have varied widely over the years in the level of importance we give to it. How unsurprising it is then, that before the advent of the pocket watch, we weren’t so time obsessive. Used to be, if you had to be somewhere, you would say “we’ll meet sometime before 10 and 11.” There was no exact measurement to dictate that both parties would be able or inclined to know what specifically 10:30 was, time wise.

    There are definitely times I appreciate being able to measure my time, but I long for those halcyon days of my childhood when I just didn’t care to know.


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