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Valentine’s Day is a mixed bag.  For some people, it’s a great reminder to let someone know you care.  For others, it can make them feel like no one cares.  I’m here to encourage you to make this day (and really every day) the day you want it to be.

I’m not an overly romantic person.  I show my affection but it’s not covered in hearts and flowers.  Love to me is a much more practical, tangible thing.  But it still lives in the realm of the ineffable.  Words can allude to it but not capture it completely.  I can describe how I feel but that’s still only the surface of what lies beneath.

Love is giving him the bigger piece of steak.

Love is telling her she’s beautiful in her sweats and no make-up.

Love is giving hugs whenever they are needed or wanted.

Love is making room for her Muppets collection.

Love is all the way to the moon and back.

Love is “your song” even when it makes absolutely no sense.





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