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Easier Said Than Done


In all my spiritual wanderings. I’m often brought back  to the notion of non-attachment.  This concept has been more explored in Eastern philosophies but it has made its way west.

Christians sometimes express it as “God works in mysterious ways” while Muslims concede to the “will of Allah.”  Both express something larger than the individual directing the Universe that we just inhabit.

Regardless of your beliefs in a creator or not, non-attachment can be practiced.  Even atheists know they don’t control the universe.  We are barely in control of ourselves for the most part.

What I’ve learned from non-attachment is that to be otherwise, is to be in an argument with reality.  The moment you say something shouldn’t be this way or that, you are in conflict with the reality of how it actually is.  Of course it should be this way because it IS this way.  That’s just what’s so.

It can be extremely difficult to see things this way since no matter who you are, you will have an emotional reaction to the world around you.  I promise you Jesus and Buddha and all the rest were subject to their emotions.  They were just clear that those emotional reactions weren’t the truth.  Just an extension of their thoughts and beliefs.  Mostly hard-wiring that they had little say in laying down.

Seeing through our personal belief structure and knowing that those thoughts in our head are merely an extension of that structure is the first, and for some, the most difficult hurdle to non-attachment.  Don’t believe everything you think.

When you can get that everything you think, feel and believe is not objectively true, you can begin to explore what might actually be true.  Sounds doable, but it truly is easier said than done.  Getting through all that untruth can take a lifetime.  But what a lifetime that could be.

Or you can continue to live by the notion expressed in Lord Afred Tennyson’s Charge of the Light Brigade, “Their’s not to reason why, their’s but to do and die.”

That always seemed like the more difficult proposition to me.

And once you get to that place of clarity and non-attachment, if you wish to change the existing order, you aren’t doing it because you think the current way is wrong.  You’re not caught up in problem-reaction-solution-problem-reaction-solution-ad nauseum.

You might just be able to create from scratch and make all the previous problems no longer relevant.

bucky fuller

Isn’t that just what Nature’s been doing all this time?


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