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While I’m not particularly skilled in creating new cocktails – you have to check out Cocktails by Cody (on facebook or google him) – I do have a knack for finding just the right drinks for an event.  Give me a theme and I will research and come up with some tasty potables.

Something about special drinks adds to a party.  Anyone can do a case of beer, a few bottles of wine or liquor and soda.  But to get creative with your mixes and flavors, well, that’s a horse of a different color.

colored horses

I think I know how to make a party taste better.  It just adds something to it.  And how can you not be impressed by someone who knows how to do something like this?

The skill I need to acquire is the layering spoon.  I’d love to come up with a frozen cocktail that looks exactly like one of my childhood favorites, the Bomb Pop.

Aw yeah!

Aw yeah!

Here is the basic layering technique:

I do love a challenge.  The red will most likely be strawberry daiquiri and the blue layer will involve blue curaçao but I’m still contemplating my white layer.  I’m thinking a very light colored margarita or perhaps something with a coconut rum, depends on how the flavors taste together.  I will report back with my creations once I have mastered this technique and determined the best flavors for my signature drink.

What kind of drink would you make?



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