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Cosmos or Bust

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As I sat riveted to my TV while Neil deGrasse Tyson’s reboot of the series Cosmos played across my TV screen, I realized how uninteresting most everything really is.  When he backed out from the earth and showed all of the known universe to us, well who gives two shits about whether or not some completely incompatible couple will stay together on this week’s episode of run-of-the-mill boring drama.

There is a Universe out there beckoning us to explore it and we sit here mired in the most ridiculous, petty, mundane matters.  Anyone who wastes one second of their lives trying to continue to defend the status quo as if it really matters has an incredibly small world.  I just feel so terribly sorry for them most of all.  “Nothing endures but change.” (ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus)

And anyone who believes that the Earth is the only reason the Universe came into existence has an over-inflated sense of self.  The beauty of life is that it’s all here and it’s all connected and it’s all amazing.  How does this not blow your mind?

These are all galaxies!!!

These are all galaxies!!!

Maybe the point of all the mundane and drama is to keep us mired in the small because when we get present to the enormity of it all, who cares who wins American Idol ever again!?!  Always question anyone who tries to distract you from the awe-inspiring.  Because fuck them.

Spend a few moments contemplating this and whatever was bothering you, might not seem all that big of a thing.


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