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My Kind of Marathon

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I usually joke that I don’t run unless I’m being chased. It’s funny because it’s true. But there is one type of marathon that is right up my alley. A movie marathon!

And what makes a movie marathon even better? Friends and a fabulous spread.

This past weekend, we finally got around to having our Muppets Marathon. About a dozen brave souls spent all day Saturday watching all seven theatrically released Muppets movies. Some are much better than others but there was no one there that felt like they were slogging through (well maybe during Muppets Treasure Island).

We also went to the theater on Sunday and saw the latest iteration, Muppets Most Wanted. This film got better each time I saw it (three times, in fact).

Statler and Waldorf don't agree.

Statler and Waldorf don’t agree.

If you love movies and you’ve never hosted a movie marathon, I highly recommend it. You can start small with something like the Back to the Future trilogy. Most people can handle three average length films in one day. Then you can work your way up to the longer film series.

My friends are true film buffs and we’ve already done one of the longest possible marathons, the Bond-a-thon (25 movies in three days).  Here is a video of some of the ones we completed.  I wasn’t this tech-savvy so no video was shot for the Muppets viewing.

There is something to be said for watching a bunch of the same characters going through several different adventures.  It’s the reason binging on TV shows has become so popular as of late.  You can really get into something if you get to spend more than an hour or two with it.  You notice more.  You connect more.  We had a Muppet virgin who was actually quite impressed with some aspects of The Muppets movies even though they will never be his thing.  It’s easier to appreciate something when you can immerse yourself in it.

Or you may turn yourself off completely to something you once enjoyed.  It’s a risk worth taking.

And rating the movies is just an added bonus.




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