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What I Am Grateful For Today

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Today I am grateful that I work for a multinational corporation that has always provided affordable healthcare with few restrictions.

I’m also grateful that I’m nearing the end of my reproductive life and needing access to birth control or abortion will no longer be necessary should my circumstances change. Thankfully, I also live in a state that isn’t actively trying to chip away at my ability to procure these things either.

Seriously, What the fuck?!? Why should any woman ever have to be concerned about these things?

I know there are many people who hold religious beliefs that do not support the backwards idea that life begins at fertilization, but they really need to start speaking the fuck up or they will be lumped together with the mentally deficient fools who are trying to drag the entire country back into the dark ages.

I have no faith in our bought and paid for political system. I just don’t understand who will benefit when all this goes down. Certainly not the women who are being treated as nothing more than incubators. And certainly not the children born to unfit or incapable mothers, mothers who may not want them and possibly cannot take care of them. Then they will either suffer with the biological parent(s) or in a foster care system that cares even less.

This is not the inevitable outcome of an unwanted pregnancy but it is very likely and all too common. And childbirth is not without risk for the woman herself.

When I was in junior high, I participated in a debate about the topic of abortion. I was on the pro-life side and thought it was a shoe-in. I was raised religious and believed that abortion was murder with few exceptions. We gave our argument and then the other side got up.

If you’ve never had your world view blown up, I highly recommend it. I truly believe that I was completely altered on that day… and for the better. The pro-choice side gave the human argument. They talked about quality of life in many different ways. Rather than seeing the issue from some conceptual place, I saw the people. I saw women making tough choices, I saw people doing what they thought was best for their lives and I put myself in those exact circumstances – both as the pregnant woman and the unborn child.

When people try and give the argument, “Well what if your mother had aborted you?” it’s bullshit. If I were aborted, I wouldn’t be here to have an opinion. I would not exist. And I can say there are a lot of life experiences out there that just might make me wish I didn’t. I am grateful that I’ve never had to experience those things.

If you truly find abortion abhorrent, then why don’t you focus your energies on preventing unwanted pregnancies? Make abortion obsolete rather than illegal. Educate people about sex. Provide them with the means to determine when they will and won’t reproduce. Make those means widely available to everyone. Then abortion will only be used in the cases of rape, incest and medical emergencies on the whole.

If you think that people shouldn’t be having sex when they choose to, then you are trying to control other people’s lives based on your religious beliefs and that is ignorant and truly un-American.

The case currently before the Supreme Court regarding Hobby Lobby objecting to providing reproductive measures to their employees because of the ACA mandate is the last gasp of the old order.  If for any reason they are the victors in this case, I hope that this will be the impetus for single-payer health care.  What I do in my life that neither impacts my job performance or my employer should not be in their hands to decide.  This is beyond the scope of religious freedom and rolling straight into religious tyranny.

I am grateful that I know the difference.





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