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Happy Earth Day!

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Perhaps it’s high time we start thinking this way.  Most of us know about the myriad issues facing our planet today: pollution, overpopulation, over-consumption of resources to name a few.  But it can be so overwhelming that we just figure it’s a problem that will get solved at a later date.

I have no solutions to offer, but as an observer of humanity it is my opinion that the solution will come when we cease to be the dominant life force on this planet.  That’s not a doom and gloom prophecy, it’s just an opinion.  We have not learned how to be good caretakers and stewards of our living space.  Our living space is far more powerful than we are.  When it’s had enough of us, we’ll know and there won’t be a damn thing we can do about it.

I imagine humanity will survive in small amounts.  We have made it through many cataclysms in the past.  But perhaps this time we’ll be able to begin again with a new philosophy in mind.  We’re all in this together so treat the rest of life as we would like to be treated.  Learn how nature works and work with it.  I believe there will always be enough here for all if we just learn how to take only what we need and clean up after ourselves.

Sometimes I wish I could see things on a galactic scale.  I’d really like to see how this all plays out.  I’m curious like that.

Reduce, reuse, recycle.  Push for alternate energy sources.  And enjoy the time you have left.  Life is always worth it.


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