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The Burning Stupid, or forgetting how the internet works

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No one is safe from “the internets”.  No one is above rebuke, mocking or harassment.  No one.

Beyonce is a pretty well liked celebrity but they still did this.


So imagine if you are a reviled human being who does something in poor taste, like Ann Coulter, how fast the internets will respond to your attention-whoring antics.


This was one of the tamer ones.

As hateful and scary as some of the stuff coming out of the internet can be, it’s a perfect reflection of the concept of free speech.  I may completely disagree with you, despise your point of view and find it to be offensive and repulsive, but as long as you are not inciting people to do harm to one another, I will support your right to say what you please.  You will not be placed in jail for it.  That’s free speech.

However, free speech is not free of consequences.  And that is what the internet doles out the best.

Jenny McCarthy was a vocal opponent of vaccination at one point (although she has back-pedaled on that recently) so she kind of deserved this Twitter flame war.


BIC learned a valuable lesson when they tried to make a pen for the ladies.  The internet agreed it was sexist and tore it to shreds in the funniest possible way — Amazon reviews.  Who knew product reviews could be so entertaining?

I could go on with examples for days.

But sometimes, the internet is a magical place and for all the shit it spews out, it rewards us with something like this.


The internets say You’re Welcome!




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