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One Size Does Not Fit All

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One size does not fit all, even if you’re the same size.

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I can share the exact same measurements with another woman but clothes could fit us differently depending on the shapes of our bodies. I know that most women share my frustration with clothes shopping.

I can grab a dozen pairs of jeans in the same size (sometimes from the same manufacturer in the same style) and they will fit differently. Some tighter, some looser and some (Goldilocks-style) just right. Some of the variations are in the manufacturing process (cutting large amounts of fabric may cause some of this). But some of it is in trying to create a happy medium. There is no happy in that, I assure you.

The Goldilocks fit is a fantasy at best. I get so tired of trying on clothes and having them fit perfectly in one spot but too tight or loose in another. In order to get pants to fit over my hips and thighs, I’m often stuck with a waist gap. Dresses feel like an exercise in futility, especially when I’d like them fit in all the right places.

Don't even get me started on suits!

Don’t even get me started on suits!

I have an idea but I don’t have the ambition to do anything about it. I’m great at thinking shit up though. I leave it up to the universe (and maybe someone who likes the idea) to make it happen.

What if a clothing line took a random sampling of women (or just sent them all a tape measure and a chart) and actually measured them. They could create clothing in a few of the well known shapes for each piece – apple, pear, hourglass, straight, etc. Shirts designed to fit large breasted women, small breasted women, women with small waists, women with bellies.  Big hips, narrow hips.  Thick thighs, thin thighs and something in between.

If you build it, they will come.

Some jeans manufacturers are getting better at the shapes. Levi’s is one that comes to mind. Their curvy 580s fit me better than most jeans I’ve tried. And the addition to a little bit of Lycra to the denim helps round my assets nicely.

And this is not just an issue for heavier women. When I was thinner, I still had the waist/hip ratio problem. My friend who had narrow hips and thin legs had the exact opposite problem. She had to find jeans that fit her waist but then the legs billowed out. Some days, you just want to give up and throw on a muumuu.


Thankfully, I have an option while I wait for someone to take up the mantle. I can sew. Looks like I’m going to be doing more of that in the future. Just felt like bitching because I’d like to find something that fits properly more than once in a blue moon. Do guys have this problem too?  I am actually curious, not just trying to say this is a ladies only issue.

And don’t give me any financial arguments.  They don’t only make one flavor of cookie or one type of car.  Clothing is just something that has lagged behind for far too long.  There is a cost-effective way to do this and the ones who do it sooner rather than later will reap the benefits.  Plus, when women finally start making the same as men, so much more disposable income.  Ha!


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