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Imagination is a Helluva Drug

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I have been a fan of the director Jodorowsky for some time now.  I had only seen the one film back in the mid 90s, Santa Sangre, but it was so mind blowing that I was instantly hooked.

A Mondo Poster paying homage

A Mondo Poster paying homage

A few years back, there was a midnight showing of El Topo.  The trailer alone is madness.  The film is an existential journey that cannot be explained.  It must be taken.

I cannot necessarily recommend you see any film by this man, except perhaps the recent documentary JODOROWSKY’S DUNE.

The titular film could have been an epic masterpiece or an expensive mess, but we’ll never know.  The documentary explores the what if with Jodorowsky and the fascinating tale of his attempt to put together a team and realize his dream of making “the most important film in the history of humanity.”

Jodorowsky dreams big.  He lives ‘what the hell’ all the time.  Some of the pieces fall into place by mere chance and happenstance.  Others he pursues doggedly because he can envision it no other way.  But through it all, Jodo just keeps on keeping on.  He believes in what he’s doing.

Sadly, the financing did not come through and all that work came to naught.  I can’t say whether or not Jodorowsky’s Dune would have been a success or even a good film.  But the documentary makes clear that by bringing all of the various people (artists and musicians among them) together and inspiring them to work in a field they might not have chosen did have a noticeable effect on filmmaking from that point onward.

Jodorowsky said that he wanted to make a film that left the viewer feeling much like they would from doing LSD.  It’s been noted that LSD has a mind-expanding effect on those who’ve taken it.  Imagine a film seen by millions having that same effect.  He might have changed the course of human history indeed.  Perhaps he truly was ahead of his time and a new wave of creative minds will be inspired to take up where he left off.

It could be fantastic, yes.



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