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When Tiki Becomes Obsession

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About a year ago, I went to a tiki bar in North Hollywood with my then fiance to celebrate the bar’s 55th anniversary.  The Tonga Hut is the oldest tiki bar in continuous operation in Los Angeles.  It’s tiny and it’s a dive, but it’s also fantastic.  I love all things tiki.

tonga hut

I love tiki drinks and tiki decor and the spirit of tiki.

At the anniversary celebration, the bar had some booths/tables out back selling merchandise and I found a gorgeous sepia-toned photo of a Polynesian girl.  It became the inspiration for creating a tiki-themed bathroom in our new apartment.

I have begun collecting and decorating in earnest.  I know some people think I might be a little nuts, but I just want to make this room into my fun sanctuary of tropical tiki goodness.

tiki lounge

That photo on the right is the aforementioned inspiration.  Yes, she is topless.  It’s become a running joke with my husband that he has to make it clear to anyone who uses that bathroom that I am the one who chose that photo.  I was an art major; boobs are all over fine art.  I just love what the image evokes.  And there’s nothing shameful in nudity.

This is going to be an ongoing project.  Just like any old bar, it will continue to collect new items all the time.  It will never be complete.  But it will also be fabulous.  Tiki 4 ever!

tiki lounge 2



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