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I Don’t Know What to Write About

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As I attempt to write more blogs per week, what to write about is starting to loom large.  It’s easy to get excited about or worked up about a topic once a week.  But as I strive to write most days of the week by year’s end, I’m struggling to figure out what to write about.  What do people want to read?  I fear I may have to actually put in more work soon.  I’m the person who wrote almost all papers and writing assignments the night before (even through college).

Most of these blogs are off the cuff.  I just write about what I’m interested in at the time.  It might be an experience or a conversation that sparks the topic, but very little research goes into anything I write.  My blog is not about anything in particular, just my thoughts, ideas and perspective on the world around me.  Perhaps I need to pay more attention to what some of those actually are so I can capture more of them in words.


Keeping a journal/notebook of my thoughts and ideas throughout the week is something I’m seeing in my very near future.  I have to spend more time writing in said journal than in picking it out if it’s to have any impact.  I love picking out journals and pens.  I love a cool pen.

My current fave

My current fave

I do love to write.  I enjoy stringing words together to form thoughts, ideas and images.  I love the clacking of keys on the typewriter as I churn out more black symbols on a white screen.  It’s the whole reason I started this blog to begin with.  I was stalling out on writing screenplays but I didn’t want to stop writing altogether.  It’s been a great way to keep the creative juices bubbling until they are really ready to flow again.

There is a very real ebb and flow to life itself.  Some days, I’m on a roll.  The words flow.  I get shit done.  Other days, I can’t seem to make myself do any of the things I know I should.  It’s like trying to get a toddler to do something they don’t want to do.  Imagine being the parent and the toddler at the same time.  That’s how it feels.

There’s a natural rhythm that we humans have lost touch with.  We fight the urge to rest and make it wrong but perhaps we’re the ones who are wrong.  Not getting enough sleep, not getting enough to eat, these things have deleterious effects on our well-being and productivity.  Rather than fighting through, perhaps we might stop and explore why we are resisting something so much.

One thing that stops me from writing a particularly strong opinion is that I don’t want to have to fight for or justify that opinion.  I just want to have it.  I want to share it and drum up some other points of view.  I don’t have any strong attachment to my opinions in the way that most people do.  They over-identify with them especially the unexamined ones.

I hold the opinion quite strongly that the only way the human species is going to continue well into the future is if we stop doing things for short term gain and start working out how we intend to make a civilization that can withstand whatever comes its way.  That’s going to take cooperation.  That’s going to take compromise.  And it’s going to require letting go of the need to have all the money… actually it will require the end of the concept of money itself.

It’s going to take a complete examination of our structures and to tear down the ones that have done more harm than good.  Most people aren’t willing to do this on the individual level so I’m not holding out much hope.  But like my favorite Picasso “Guernica”, even in the worst situations, hope springs eternal.


Guess I found something to write about after all.




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