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Painting for the Non-Painter

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Tried something new last night called Paint Nite.  It was easier and more fun than I expected.  I can wholeheartedly recommend it.

paint nite

The event took place in a reasonably priced Italian restaurant.  We had the patio to ourselves and it was a mild evening.  I had some wine and ravioli while I followed along with our painting instructor.

paint nite food

I was an art major in college with a modicum of drawing/painting talent but nothing spectacular.  That along with my ability to sew and cook seem to be things that not a lot of other people do very well.  It always floors me when I get so much praise for doing things that don’t seem particularly difficult.  I guess that’s just how I was raised.

My dad had the artistic talent.  My mother was the one who helped me learn to sew and cook.  I can’t say she taught me as much as she gave me the means to learn both and then, with the cooking in particular, it became a necessity that I do a good deal of that after my parents separated.

Well back to paint night.  If you have any desire to try and paint, this is a great introduction.  You are given the exact colors you need and are led step-by-step through creating your own version of the night’s painting.  The cool thing is that even though all of the paintings were a little different, they all looked pretty good.

paint nite me2

In the immortal words of Bob Ross, there are no mistakes… only happy accidents.  And don’t forget to wash your brush.




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