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I’m going to buck the stereotype about women and proclaim my hatred for all shoes.

I’ve hated shoes for as long as I can remember.  Growing up with wide feet, I didn’t get many choices on what to wear.  We didn’t have lots of money, so I did most of my shoe shopping at Payless Shoe Source since they carried wide sizes.  I also have wide calves so boots are mostly out of the question.

Shoes serve one function for me – to keep the soles of my feet from getting torn up.  Otherwise, I’d rather be barefoot.

I have been on a quest to find a shoe that I can comfortably wear all day and I’m coming up empty.  There is always something flawed about the shoe that ends with a blister or pain.  I’ve tried Crocs.  The squishy material is nice but they don’t have enough support and my foot ends up hurting in a few hours (not to mention the sweating if I wear them without socks of some kind).  Flip flops are mostly good but then that thing between my toes eventually rubs a blister.  Sports shoes become too tight if my feet swell and the pressure on my pinky toes becomes unbearable.

If you haven’t figured it out, I have a low threshold for foot discomfort.  I’m like the princess and the pea when it comes to my feet.  The slightest thing will become intolerable in no time.  But because of this, I don’t have fucked up feet like I’ve seen on others who can deal with the pain of “pretty shoes”.  I don’t have knee or back problems from wearing heels nor the bunions and hammer toes that can also accompany the unnatural shape that a foot must be squeezed into.  I’ve decided against including any pictures because they are just so hideous.

When I am indoors but not at home, I do have something that I can wear that looks more like a shoe but feels like a sock.  It’s called Nu Foot.  It’s made of neoprene and has something on the sole to help with traction.  No one has ever asked me what I had on my feet so either they don’t know these aren’t shoes or they just don’t care.


The only drawback to these obviously is you can’t walk around outside with them.  They offer no more protection for your feet than socks.  The perfect solution would be if someone attached a rubber sole to these things.  I would never wear anything else.  Seriously, my shoe shopping days would be over.  I would just stock up on these.

Until then, I’m still on a quest for a good shoe so that I can enjoy a full, active day of walking around my happy place, Disneyland.  You need comfy shoes to really get the most out of any standing/walking activity.  And I do enjoy walking, as long as my feet are happy.



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