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What I like About My Life: Part Deux

Continuing on with what I was saying yesterday, another thing I like about my life is that no matter what happens, it just keeps going… that is, until it doesn’t. One minute, you’re inhaling and exhaling.  Then the next, no mas.

Many people find the topic of death unsettling or even downright upsetting.  But death is real.  It’s final.  And there’s no way to avoid it.  What, or if anything, happens afterwards is up for debate.  Who cares who’s right?  We’ll only know when we get there.


I actually find comfort in the certainty of my death.  I don’t have to wonder if I’m going to die.  I just wonder how and when, and usually not that often because there really is no point to that.  It’ll happen.  I can trust death.  There aren’t many things in life I feel that way about.

Death is the key to life.  Death defines life, gives it shape and meaning and context.  Without a clear and honest relationship with our mortality, we live in a state of endless spiritual sprawl, a soupy gray fog that creates the hellish illusion of life stretching endlessly in all directions.

Death-awareness is the universal spiritual practice.  What we have sought in books, and magazines, in teachers and teachings, in ancient cultures and foreign lands, has been breathing down our neck the entire time.  It’s not just another mood-making spiritual technique that you dabble with for a few weeks and blame yourself when it doesn’t deliver.  Death always delivers.  Death is your only true friend, the only friend that will never abandon you and that no one can take away.  It slices through every lie, ridicules every belief, mocks every vanity and reduces ego to absurdity.  He’s sitting with you right now.  If you want to know something, ask him.  Death doesn’t lie.

Jed McKenna, author of Spiritual Enlightment: The Damnedest Thing

We are, and someday we will not be.  That’s what I like about my life.  It makes the whole thing a little more exciting, eh?

'This had better be important, I'm in the middle of a conference call!'


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