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What I Like About My Life: Part C


We are… until we are not.  And all we have is Now.  This is the drilled down, cannot be made simpler, truth that is life.

Argue all you want, but in the end, there is nothing else but Now.  You cannot experience anything else but right now.  Bring me the past.  The actual past.  Not an object that you tell me is from the past or a photograph of what you call past.  Bring me the actual past.  You can’t do it.  Whatever you try to show me will only be more Now.  You also can’t do it with the future, but I doubt I’ll get as many arguments about that.

Your memories of the past are no proof either because you are recalling them in the present.  We’ve all agreed that there was a past and there will be a future but those are nothing more than abstract concepts.  Even as I look back on the words above, there was no past when they were written.  There is only the present moment in which they are here now.

point fuck you

Life is one big fuck you.  And this is what I absolutely love about my life.  I love the absolute pointlessness of it.  I went on a spiritual journey and all I came back with was Nothing.

Life is a big, crazy, beautiful, maddening cosmic joke.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So no matter how this leaves you feeling, I know something that always makes me feel fabulous – laughter.  And nobody laughs better than Ricky Gervais.  Seriously, is this not the greatest laugh?






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