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Back in the Saddle Again

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Much like waking up and going to the gym after a long absence can be difficult so is writing.  I had been going pretty strong for a while, writing about one blog a week.  Then the well ran dry.

I struggled with what to write about.  I grasped at current affairs and how I felt about them, but they seemed to fly by so quickly and so did my feelings as the next one came into view.  I thought if I could hone the blog down to a more specific topic or field then it might make it easier to come up with stuff to write about on a regular basis.

For months, friends have been asking about my blog.  I don’t have a huge readership but they all know I want to write and were enjoying my output.  I was enjoying it too.  I guess I felt like it had to be more than just my random musings.

I’m very much a Jack of all Trades but Master of None.  And that’s the way I like it.  Variety is the spice of my life and after a short while, I lose interest in just one area.  I’m much like the honey bee who flits from flower to flower.  A little of this, a little of that.  As Auntie Mame once quipped, “Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!”

And just like getting back into an exercise routine, I’m going to take it easy on myself in the beginning.  If I just keep at it, it might become exactly what it was meant to be.


To Blog or Not to Blog

In order to garner and maintain a readership, I understand that I need to write regularly but sometimes I’m at a complete loss as to what to write about.  I’ve started and discarded at least half a dozen ideas over the last week and now I’m just here dumping out my stream of consciousness.

I think I’m going to start a new game around my blog so that I can generate the entries even when I’m not feeling all that inspired to write.

I have a couple of writing books that are a series of daily/weekly ideas to get the juices flowing.  Since the blog is about me and my thoughts, I’m going to use those as my kickstarter and see what comes.

I’ll leave you for now with a dose of wisdom from my man Bucky.  He was a really hoopy frood who always knew where his towel was.

bucky fuller

Pain in the Neck

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I’ve been wanting to write a blog for some time now but I’ve been stopped.  One thing stopping me has been physical and another has been mental.  They are both pains in their own rights.

Physically, I’ve been having a lot of pain and discomfort in my neck and shoulders.  I’ve been seeing a chiropractor so it’s being worked on but it hasn’t gone away yet.  I’m so tired of it.  Sometimes sitting in front of the computer aggravates it, which is what I would have to do to create a blog entry.

Mentally, I’ve had a lot of big ideas turning over in my mind and I’m having trouble expressing them in the blog medium.  They’re more like theses and long form articles.

Once I get my physical self in check, I’m going to look at how I can break down my big ideas into blog sized chunks.  I could take one of these big ideas I have and create a series.  One of them will probably have something to do with health because that’s a very important subject to me.

More to come on this soon.  I’m gonna try this in the meantime.  (You may have to copy & paste as I haven’t figure out how to make links work yet.)

If you happen to be a regular reader and you’ve read this far, I should give you something to make it worth your while.  How about a funny cat video?

Gotye, part deux

A few months back, I blogged about this amazing new musician (check out Oct. 21, 2011).  Well, he came back to L.A. and I jumped on that shit.  Just writing to say I was right.  He’s blowing up.  His single, Somebody That I Used to Know, is getting airplay and has been remade and remixed.  He was on Jimmy Kimmel last Wednesday, the night before the show, and he sold out the El Rey the next day.

Not really what I’m blogging about though.  Psyche!

I’ve never been cut out for certain kinds of events and entertainment.  Concert-going is one of those.  I love live music, but the way that it’s normally presented is not for the faint of heart.

First off, most smaller venues are standing room only.  To make it through a full concert this way is like some kind of endurance or stress test.  Surrounded on all sides by a sea of people, struggling to catch a glimpse of the person performing between bobbing heads.  Standing still in a very small spot getting bumped into by strangers who have no respect for your personal space.  Stuck smelling everyone nearby, be they pleasant or unpleasant scented.  Love of the music is the only way to get through this situation.

If you’re lucky enough to be somewhere with a seat, that doesn’t matter.  For most pop music events, everyone stands up anyway so you have to as well or you’re just stuck staring at someone’s ass.  Long lines and even larger crowds at stadiums and large concert halls.  And unless you pay out the nose for good seats, you really only see what’s happening on the large screens.  You might as well be at home.

And don’t get me started on the volume levels at concerts.  There are times when the bass is so strong, I actually get short of breath.  It freaks me out.  My ears are left ringing for hours after.  Why must I suffer so for my love of live music?

Because I’m an introvert and a pretty sensitive one at that.  Not sensitive in the emotional sense.  I’m tough as nails when it comes to my feelings but sensitive to my physical environment.  I can easily get overwhelmed and anxious in crowded places and loud, bright situations.  The first time I drove down the Vegas strip at night was stimulus overload, so bright and gaudy.

Being an introvert is not the same thing as being shy.  I was more reserved when I was younger but I have grown more outgoing as I’ve aged.  I do enjoy the company of people and social situations but I can only handle so much before I need some alone time to recharge.

There are a lot of people out there just like me and I want to tell them that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you.  Currently, things are not necessarily set up for the introvert but I’m hopeful that things will change.

Let me reiterate for those of you who might have missed that sentence above — THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU.  Needing time alone to recharge, enjoying solitary pursuits and not enjoying the things that many of your friends do does not make you defective.  Variety is the spice of life.  You are perfect just as you are and nature made you just that way on purpose.

I imagine Gotye is an introvert too.  He doesn’t say much between sets except “Cheers!” and a little set up for the next number.  But he makes the most beautiful music.  It really does take all kinds, so be happy with and proud of the kind that you are.  The world needs that.  It needs you to be you so it can be the wonderful world that it really is.

Rockin’ My World

I have never been the one to know who the latest and greatest is when it comes to music.  I missed most of the new wave/alternative music in the 80s and have only heard of lesser known musicians through friends’ recommendations.  I read up on practically every new film that’s in the works, so rarely do I get scooped on that subject but music is an entirely different animal.

My parents listened to country music when I was a kid but I never liked it.  There will be a song or a particular singer I might like but as a genre, I avoid it for the most part.  It just doesn’t speak to me.  So it has been up to my peers to shape my tastes in music.  In high school, a small group of friends I spent the most time with turned me on to classic rock.  I consider Pink Floyd, The Doors and Queen to be among my favorite bands.  In college, I added reggae to the mix and even had friends who were in a reggae band.  I still have the CD they made.  My favorite music channel to listen to while I clean is old school R&B.  The smooth sounds of Otis Redding, Sam Cooke and Al Green put me in a real Zen place.

Well, today I get to be the one to give the scoop on who I think will be the next big thing and if he isn’t, it’s not because he isn’t the most amazing musician I’ve come across in years.

I was at a party in August just hanging out with some people, smoking a little herb, when someone in the room put this video on the computer:

I stared transfixed at the monitor.  This was pure genius.  Then she played this one next:

Aaaahhhhh.  What is this brilliance?  I found a piece of paper and wrote down the name, Gotye.  A day or two later, I looked it up again on youtube.  I just wanted to see if it was the weed making this great or if it was unequivocally the best thing I’d heard in years.  Bingo!  Just as good as the first time.

I watched a lot of the other videos that were up and then did a little research on Gotye.  From the bio on his site,

Who are you?
Gotye (pronounced “gore-ti-yeah”). Music-making mutant.

Real name?
Wally (born Wouter) De Backer

Anyway, About Me. Erm…Okay. Information!- 31, Belgium, music. And stuff (FYI, he was born in Brussels but currently resides in Australia)

That’s enough.  You can look the rest up yourself.  That’s what Google is for.  What I will tell you is that he is an amazing performer and a genuinely nice guy.  I even have the pictures to prove it.

The place was packed so he’s at least popular with the hipster crowd in Silverlake.  It’s time the rest of you catch on.  He only played LA and NY this time around but he’ll be back next year.  And you won’t want to miss him if he comes to a city near you.

I just want to finish by saying, you heard it here first.  Gotye is better than sliced bread, or a more timely reference, an iPhone 4s (I can make this claim because I don’t actually have one, haha).

And last but not least, my new favorite “Get Happy” song.  Oooh, I think that may be an upcoming blog topic.  You’ll have to check back later to see.

My first blog. Awwwww, isn’t that cute?

Why blog?  Why now? 

I’ve asked myself these questions and you might be wondering too.  I’ve wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember.  An avid reader from the age of four, I love stories of all kinds, the more fanciful the better.  I love the written word and expressing myself and my thoughts.  Sometimes, I feel more comfortable writing down what I’m thinking and feeling far more than through a conversation.  I have time to read, edit and revise, so I’m saying exactly what I truly want to say.

In the last few years, I turned a story that I wrote in the fourth grade into a feature-length screenplay.  Although I still enjoy film and books, I find they aren’t currently what I’m interested in writing.  Story is no longer the driving force of my writing.  I’m swimming around in the world of ideas and concepts now.

Next question for you would logically be, what is this blog going be about and why the hell should I read it?

There are a variety of subjects that I love to explore in depth.  What I want to write about is any new developments in those areas as well as what I love about them.  This will be the initial intention of this blog with the caveat that like me, it will be fluid and subject to change at any time.  I’m not interested in writing about myself except in relation to my topics, i.e., how the ideas and concepts have influenced me, anything that appeals to me or sometimes annoys me in relation to them and what I see is the impact they have on everyone in general.

If you have something to share with me about the subject at hand, something I missed or may not know about it or what you love or don’t like about it, then I want to hear about that in the comments.  The real appeal of blogging versus writing articles and stories is the immediate feedback loop that can be created and the conversational nature of the internet.  I love to learn but I’m not putting myself up as the expert in any area that I write about.  I have a wide but sometimes shallow range of knowledge and this looks like a fun place to add to that pool.

A promise to my readers – I will be candid, sometimes humorous and on occasion off-color when the mood strikes me.  You are free to be the same in the comments but I will delete any comments that are overtly and intentionally offensive, especially if directed at other commenters.  If people want to get into arguments about nonsense, please find somewhere else to do it.  The World Wide Web is just that, world wide, and you can find plenty of places to troll.  I’m all for passionate points of view and heated debates.  Those will not only be tolerated but most likely enjoyed.  I’m sure I will join in from time to time.

It feels like I’m heading off on a new adventure with this blog so what better way to end this first post than with, Bon Voyage!