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Everything in life should be this fun.

Last year, I discovered the greatest calendar ever – Fold Your Own Zombies!

Every month, there was a new zombie to build out of paper and glue.  I would dutifully put my zombie together at the beginning of the month and post a picture to facebook.

Then at the end of the year, I took a group shot.

My paper zombie hoard

This year, the Fold Your Own people gave me robots!  A good friend of mine tried to purchase the calendar from Amazon before Christmas but through some shipping or stocking error, I never received it.  Boo!

I was about to give up when another friend sent me the link to it on this awesome site,, and they had some in stock!  Friday was a good mail day.

It’s over a month late, but I can finally get started on my robot army, and I get to build two of them in February.  Yay!

At the end of the year, I will have a robots vs. zombies face off.  Last year’s zombies will have to hibernate in a safe place so they will be ready to do battle in less than eleven months time.

As long as they keep making Fold Your Own calendars, I will keep getting to do this each year.  Anyone want to make a bet on what next year will bring?  I’m hoping for dinosaurs.

Zombies vs. robots vs. dinosaurs, anyone?