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Off the Beaten Path

One of the things I like most about walking around in a big city is how you can find things that you just zoom past in your car.  A few weeks ago, I had spotted a little treasure barely a block away from the building I work in.  I didn’t remember to take the time out to get a really good look at it until yesterday.

On a little side street between Venice and Washington sits this beautiful example of that distinct architecture style known as Storybook.  It was a trend in the 1920s and 1930s but fell out of fashion after that.  Probably the most famous L.A. example is the Spadena House (or The Witch’s House as it’s been nicknamed) in Beverly Hills.  You may have spotted it in the film Clueless.


Not many of these homes remain but there are a few.  The one I found has even been designated a landmark.

Storybook House 7

It really is like stepping into another world when you find something so out of place like this. Architecture has become so bland and functional.  I really miss ornate and beautiful façades.  It’s nice to see that others are doing their part to make sure these gems stick around for a while.

Here is a sampling of pictures I took on my phone.  I only wish I had had a better camera at the time.

Storybook House 2

Storybook House 3

Storybook House 4

There were a couple of fountain/ponds.  One had goldfish and the other had turtles.

Spotted this little guy sunning himself on a rock.

Spotted this little guy sunning himself on a rock.

There was the main house, a garage with apartment above and another building in back.

Storybook House 1

Storybook House 6

The staircase beckons me

The staircase beckons me

It was a great reminder to sometimes chart a new course.  We start to wear groves into our daily routines and they are really hard to break out of.  Sometimes, it’s worth it.  And it’s not always about getting there as fast as you can.