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Crafty Calendar

I’m thoroughly enjoying one of my Christmas gifts, the Craft-A-Day desk calendar.

Craft A Day Calendar

It’s full of fun ideas to make various things based on a weekly theme.

The first week was Snowflake week.

Calendar snowflake

Then came Fox week.  Over the course of the year, I’ll probably have two hands worth of cute finger puppets.

Calender fox

Week three was Gnome week and so on.  So many fun things to create.

Calendar gnome

Calendar groundhog

Calendar diamond

Give me a stack of construction paper and glue or some felt squares and a needle and I’m one happy camper.  I usually have to make myself do the more necessary things during the day but I never have to force the crafter in me to come out and play.

Sewing and baking and painting come naturally.  And soon, so will crocheting.  That’s the skill I’m bound and determined to master this year.


And I try to make a point to visit the Animation Academy at Disney’s California Adventure as often as I can because I love to draw too.

Draw Mickey


Everything in life should be this fun.

Last year, I discovered the greatest calendar ever – Fold Your Own Zombies!

Every month, there was a new zombie to build out of paper and glue.  I would dutifully put my zombie together at the beginning of the month and post a picture to facebook.

Then at the end of the year, I took a group shot.

My paper zombie hoard

This year, the Fold Your Own people gave me robots!  A good friend of mine tried to purchase the calendar from Amazon before Christmas but through some shipping or stocking error, I never received it.  Boo!

I was about to give up when another friend sent me the link to it on this awesome site,, and they had some in stock!  Friday was a good mail day.

It’s over a month late, but I can finally get started on my robot army, and I get to build two of them in February.  Yay!

At the end of the year, I will have a robots vs. zombies face off.  Last year’s zombies will have to hibernate in a safe place so they will be ready to do battle in less than eleven months time.

As long as they keep making Fold Your Own calendars, I will keep getting to do this each year.  Anyone want to make a bet on what next year will bring?  I’m hoping for dinosaurs.

Zombies vs. robots vs. dinosaurs, anyone?